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2018 CPAC Spring Meeting

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The CPAC meeting (Monday, April 30, and Tuesday, May 1, 2018) will include progress reports from CPAC funded research projects and research proposals for next year’s funding. Attending this meeting would also be an excellent opportunity to experience CPAC technology and innovation as well as assess how a relationship with CPAC can to add value to your organization. Valuable aspects of the CPAC meeting include formal and informal opportunities for networking, meeting CPAC Graduate Students and getting to know the principle investigators and their research.

As a tribute to the impact that Bruce Kowalski had in founding the field of Chemometrics we plan to schedule a couple of invited industry speakers to present case studies on the value of multidisciplinary approaches to problem solving. Along with that, we will have ‘lighting’ presentations related to advances in the handling of multivariate data given by selected graduate students. This will give the graduate students a unique opportunity to meet industry leaders – and to hear some of the inside details of identifying a problem that is data rich and needs analysis, the development of the chemometric model to address the problem, real-time adjustments during beta-testing, and the process analysis enhancement since implementation. This also answers a request from industry  that it needs better trained students for the highly interdisciplinary data-driven work required to maintain their company’s research leadership.

Laboratory Tours are also available during the meeting. The meeting description and further information on the preliminary agenda and registration will be available soon on the CPAC website.


We look forward to your attendance and participation in this special event.

Please contact Mel Koch or Brian Marquardt with questions regarding the meeting.

Mel Koch, CPAC
206-616- 4869, 206-992- 1001 cell

Brian Marquardt, CPAC Director
206-685- 0112

Registration (see below)

The CPAC May Meeting Registration Fees are:
CPAC Member (per person) - $450.00 – full meeting
CPAC Non-Member (per person) - $600.00 - full meeting

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Hotel Deca, 4507 Brooklyn Avenue N.E., Seattle, WA 98105.
(800) 899-0251 or (206) 634-2000.
However, the Hotel Deca is remodeling so it may not be available for us.

Other hotels in the area include:

Silver Cloud Inn, 5036 25 th Ave NE
+1 206 526 5200

Travelodge, 4725 25 th Ave NE
+1 206 525 4612

University Inn Seattle, 4140 Roosevelt Way NE
+1 206 632 5055

Watertown, 4242 Roosevelt Way NE
+1 855 580 8614


If you need transportation, there are special phones near the airport baggage
claim and a waiting area for the Super Shuttle and taxicabs in the parking garage.
Typical taxicab fare from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport to the University district are
$60 and Shuttle Express is $28.
If you need help with airline tickets or a rental car, please call Scan East West
Travel, (206)343-7000, ext. 3, or (800) 727-8544, Denine Hughs, and mention you
are attending the UW/CPAC Meeting.


If you have any questions about the meeting, please call or e-mail Mel Koch,
CPAC, kochm@uw.edu, (206) 616-4869, (206)-992- 1001 cell.

We hope to see you this May!