May 03

Bruce R. Kowalski Symposium


The Value of Multidisciplinary Activity in Problem Solving and the Appropriate Use of Multivariate Tools

May 3, 2017, University of Washington (UW) Allen Library, Petersen Room


Together with the UW Graduate School, UW’s CPAC (the Center for Process Analysis and Control) is planning a May 3 event to recognize the impact of Bruce Kowalski’s (our founder who passed away).  The scheduled program is designed to show the impact of multidisciplinary activities and outline targets for the future of the field with industrial and academic presentations.

The workshop immediately follows the CPAC Annual Spring Meeting, May 1-2 and industry participants at that meeting will be encouraged to join the Kowalski Symposium. 

A select number of graduate students (10-20) will make presentations on how their field relies on interdisciplinary work and utilizes multivariate analysis where appropriate. The format used will be lightning talks following the format of the UW Libraries and Graduate School in the Scholars Studio.
This May 3 event will be held in the Petersen Room, Allen Library, and the program centered on a series of three presentations by industrial leaders of a problem solved by a multidisciplinary approach using multivariate analysis.  Rather than a lecture, we have asked the presenters for a discussion of the problems faced and how they were solved, compromises along the way, and the experience since implementation.  We have leaders in industry (representing Biomanufacturing, Chemical, and Clinical areas) as speakers.
We are interested to learn of students who could be candidates for this event. The audience will include industry representatives, UW professors and researchers, and UW Graduate Students.  Graduate students will have a unique opportunity to meet industry leaders to hear about the inside details of identifying a problem that is data rich and needs analysis, the development of the chemometric model to address the problem, real-time adjustments during beta-testing, and the process analysis enhancement since implementation.  There will be formal and informal opportunities for questions and in-depth discussion of the impact of chemometrics. 

A request from industry that made this event appealing is that this answers what CPAC hears from industry – that they need better trained students for the highly interdisciplinary data-driven work required to maintain their companies research leadership. As a result, this event will showcase industry case studies in a setting that includes students and a variety of industrial representatives.

We are anxious to have graduate student involvement in this industry/academic forum as it would fit well with we are trying to achieve in recognizing the career contributions of Bruce Kowalski.

Please contact me for more information.