Brian Marquardt

Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington

My lab is an interdisciplinary team focused on developing solutions to systematic process problems through the use of light.

Phone: 206-685-0112
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  • Principal Engineer at the Applied Physics Laboratory and Affiliate Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington.
  • Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from the University of South Carolina in 1997.
  • Two year post-doc at the University of Washington, spent 7 years as a senior research chemist at the Center for Process Analytical Chemistry (CPAC) and have been in my current position at the Applied Physics Laboratory for over 2 years.

Currently the founder and director of the Applied Optical Sensing Laboratory located within the Applied Physics Lab. Research interests include the development of new analytical chemical instrumentation and integrated systems for continuous real-time chemical analysis. A major focus is on the design and implementation of novel fiber-optic sensors for online monitoring of chemical or biological processes. These sensor systems are based on a multitude of spectroscopic techniques (Raman, FT-IR, fluorescence, NIR and UV-Vis) to perform real-time analyses for improving process optimization and control. To achieve optimization and control, multivariate statistical modeling approaches are employed to correlate the analytical device output to the control point required in a process. The overall goal of my research is to better understand the optical sampling characteristics of various spectroscopic techniques to improve measurement precision, accuracy and modeling of industrial processes.

Process spectroscopy for online analysis and control, multivariate quantitative modeling of spectral data and development and optimization of small, fast and effective optical sensors for environmental and process applications.