Brian Otis

Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

Phone: 206-616-5998
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  • Associate Professor in Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington.
  • Ph.D. U.C. Berkeley, 2005, M.S. U.C. Berkeley, 2002, B.S. University of Washington, 1999

Prof. Otis investigates circuit design techniques for body-worn systems, implantable chips, and wireless sensors. These areas present unique challenges at the interface between the IC and the outside world that cannot be solved by off-the-shelf hardware. Traditional circuit blocks, architectures, and even assembly techniques need to be questioned. Several applications on the horizon will demand unconventional energy sources and completely thin-film integration and biocompatibility of entire complex systems, including peer-to-peer radios and sensors. His research group explores low power analog/RF design, miniaturized clocks, bioelectrical interface chips, and novel deployable systems.

Low power chip design, wireless system design, sensor interfaces.