Bruce Kowalski

CPAC regrets to inform you that Bruce R. Kowalski, founder of CPAC and co-founder of the field of Chemometrics, professor emeritus of Analytical Chemistry, University of Washington, died at home on December 1, 2012 from advanced lymphoma.  For those of us who had the pleasure of knowing Bruce as a peer, a mentor, a good friend, and a scientific leader, we understand how he will be missed by the worldwide community that he was instrumental in creating.  Bruce was among a select few who worked to bring chemists and engineers together in both the university and in industry to identify and solve problems in real time measurement.  We will always remember his quick intelligence, genuine charm, wry wit, and boundless enthusiasm.

A fund has been established to honor Bruce Kowalski's legacy at the University of Washington.  The Kowalski Excellence in Graduate Education Fund's Kick-Off was held during the recent CPAC Fall 2013 Meeting. Because Graduate Education was important to Bruce, the funds will be used to provide top-off funding for top-flight graduate students in multidisciplinary fields and may make the difference in a student's choice of UW for their work.

The UW is generously providing leveraged support through tuition forgiveness for Fellowship recipients.  Plus, the Graduate School will give up to $25,000 in matching funds for any donations from UW affiliated donors.

Thank you for honoring Bruce's legacy by generously supporting the Fellowship (