CPAC Initiatives and Platforms Projects

CPAC Initiatives and Platforms Projects

Bio-Process Monitoring

The optimization of bio-reactors is of importance due to the value of industrial bio-technology, as well as the increasing interest in bio-fuels and bio-sustainability. CPAC is involved with several research projects to develop measurement tools that will complement existing monitoring methods and allow for studies to optimize bio-reactions and related process control.

Micro-Reactors and Instrumentation

Several CPAC Research Projects are emphasizing how to enhance the value of micro-reactors for continuous flow chemistry - by incorporating sampling approaches along with micro-analytical and micro-sensor development. The data gathered from the real-time measurement can be used to develop models for effective process control.

New Sampling/Sensor Initiative (NeSSI™)

This has involved the development of a miniature, modular sample system. It is based on input from an ad-hoc group of end-users and equipment manufacturers who were looking to modularize and miniaturize process analyzer sample system components to simplify and standardize sample system design. The goals for NeSSI™ were to facilitate the acceptance and implementation of miniature, modular sample systems that has resulted in an ISA SP76 standard and to promote the concept of "smart" analytical systems by closely integrating flow, pressure and temperature with analytical sensors.

Chemometrics for On-Line Process Analysis (COPA)

This initiative has been successfully completed via the development of communication systems influenced by the NeSSI™ Generation II. The solution has been largely based on the incorporation of chemometric packages within a variety of commercial instrument systems..