Core Areas

The CPAC research program focuses on several applicable core areas

The charter of CPAC is to discover and develop new analytical and process methodologies for use as an integral part of manufacturing processes or product development. The program focuses on six applicable core research areas:

  • Chemometrics and Process Control Algorithms - specialized and automated mathematical and data processing methods specifically designed for extracting useful chemical and physical information from sensor data for both process monitoring and control, and rapid analysis;
  • Sensors - devices and instrumentation used to collect data from a process (e.g., discovery, process development, process control, and product development);
  • Spectroscopy/Imaging - the science of using electromagnetic energy, which is first transmitted through or reflected from a sample, to yield data relating to the physical, optical, and chemical properties of that sample;
  • Chromatography - the use of separation and detection instrumentation to determine the organic chemical composition of liquids, solvated solids, and gases;
  • Continuous Flow Chemistry and Analysis - continuous flow chemistry, sampling systems, assessment of online process analytics for reaction monitoring and development of control algorithms and theory;
  • Process Control – development of control system approaches which optimize the use of measurement science developments.

For a list of currently funded CPAC research projects please refer to Research Projects