January 2013 NeSSI™ session at the IFPAC Conference

IFPAC - NeSSI Session
January 24, 2013, Baltimore, MD

Over the past ten years there has been an increasing industrial interest in the development and application of new technology tools for enhancing global industry related initiatives such as: Quality by Design (QbD), Process Analytical Technology (PAT), Process Intensification, and Green Chemistry. One of the key developments that has enhanced advances in these areas is in the standardization of process sampling, as exemplified by NeSSI™ (the New Sampling and Sensor Initiative). The Center for Process Analysis and Control (CPAC) has provided oversight for this program. Continued developments of the NeSSI™ platform have expanded its use from sampling a variety of process streams to becoming a platform for process sensors and communication to the process control systems. The data from these measurement tools contributes to developing more effective process control strategies – a goal that many companies are trying to achieve.



Introduction and Update on NeSSI Developments
Mel Koch, University of Washington, CPAC / APL


Benefiting from Smarter Sample Conditioning System
Michael Hoffman, Siemens


Sample Purity: The Effect of Sample System Lines and Dead Leg
Doug Nordstrom, Swagelok


Evolving Applications that Demonstrate the Versatility of the NeSSI Platform
Mike Cost, Parker


Moving Beyond Gen II to Achieve the NeSSI Vision in Our Lifetime
Marcus Trygstad and David Novak, Yokogawa Corporation of Americas




The Integration of NeSSI into Research Projects Involving PAT and Process Optimization
Brian Marquardt, University of Washington, CPAC / APL


Back to the Basics: NeSSI or Not NeSSI
John Crandall, Falcon Analytical, Mike Cost, Parker, and Brian Rohrback, Informetrix


Commercial NMR that can be NeSSI Compatible
Jeff Sherman, PicoSpin


Breakthrough in Multigas Analysis using Nano Silicon Technology
Joshua Whiting, 3degrees of Separation


End of Session